Thursday, April 8, 2010

whilst there...

miss bling came home from the beach yesterday.  so i had both girls home and we headed to the mall to pick a birthday present and to pick up another pair of sunglasses at urban outfitters for miss bling because hers broke at the beach and they were her favorite pair and that's where she bought them.  whilst there, i happened to walk into their dressing room and they had these beautiful chandeliers.  i just had to take a picture.
98/365 flickr project365
aren't they pretty?
would love to have these in each of the girls room. how loveLee would that be.
i also noticed that they sold chinese slippers! woah! blast to the past!  i remember that trend back in the days.  i started to have flashbacks of me walking through san francisco's grant ave in chinatown looking for a pair.  
my girls love these flutter mini skirts!  they are the hottest trend these days and they sure had quite a selection at urban. the price for each skirt ranged anywhere from $38.00 up to $68.00!  wow, what a mark up!  i thought to myself... i can make these!  well, i could sure at least try.
so after the mall we headed to the fabric store to to pick up the materials i would need to try and create a cheaper version of these flutter mini skirts.  i spent $6.00 for two different types of fabric and some elastic. i will make an attempt tomorrow.  i hope it turns out!  i'll post pics tomorrow, ahem, that's if they turn out.


Kim@Simply Domestic said...

I love your blog. You have a beautiful family!Just found you at Follow Me Fridays!

jozen said...

oh do show us when you are done.

you know, i have never had this avocado drink!! i was brought up pretty traditionally... i have had halo halo, melon, sago... you name it.. but never this delish drink!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

beautiful chandeliers, impressive actually.
Cant wait to see the skirts :)
Thanks for visiting me today and for your lovely comment xoxo