Sunday, September 7, 2014

room makeover...

this room has been a work in progress. 
no longer a little girls room but a young lady's room.  
a fresh coat of paint in a light gray color, 
a new platform bed frame from IKEA in dark gray, 
gray panel curtains from IKEA,  
string lights, 
pictures of friends and family on the wall, 
and an organized cork board on her desk hutch to hang her jewelry!

i do love how it turned out.
i'm thinking i may need to spend some time in her room myself!
(now moving on to the next home improvement project)...


Saturday, June 21, 2014

oh snap! i'm back....

hey everyone i'm back!
i know, i know,
i haven't updated my blog in almost over a year and a half! (gasp)

let's just say life has been full and with much regret
my blog was put on the back burner.

i didn't fully abandon capturing and recording moments
 i've just been
kinda over here...
because it's so much easier and faster...
i can write a quick caption
and i can post instantly and share!

well as you can imagine...
a lot has happened between then and now.
here's a quick catch up of what's been happening
in my little world.

my oldest, only and favorite son
turned 20 in december and last month he
finished his 2nd year of college! whew!
he is in the business program and
has declared his major in
business management information system.

he plans to study abroad in Spain his 
spring semester next year...
this summer he has been putting in over 40 hours
between two jobs 
(chick fil a and the courtyard marriott)
 to save as much as
he can for this future once in a lifetime experience!

my 2nd child and favorite big girl
is now 19...
graduated from high school last year and
started the cosmetology program
Paul Mitchell the School
last September!
she is enjoying and loving every minute of it
and she's learned so much and does an amazing job!
however, i can't believe that she will almost be done
with the program in just a few short
months and will soon be a
professional hairstylist and make-up artist
in a salon near you! 
(well, more like the charlotte area. hehe)

my third, last and favorite baby girl
turned 16!
and within a matter of weeks...
she got her drivers license
and got a job at chick fil working
 alongside her older brother, sister and 
older cousin paige (before she had to move).

the husby...
and handsome fellow...
continues to work as hard as ever
and finally got his much deserved mini cooper s
which he absolutely loves, loves, loves to drive!
on his spare time during the weekends he
enjoys volunteering and spending time 
with his parking crew as
parking coordinator for our church.

and for moi...
i continue to stay busy
and since i retired from being the mommy taxi driver...
i have found time to start home improvement projects...
i get to exercise and go to the gym a little more regularly 
(oh, joy...with a slight sarcastic tone)
and i continue to work at a job that i enjoy and am truly blessed with.

life is good...

so cheers to being a little more regular
on my blog!
well, that's my hope anyways.

Monday, January 7, 2013

hello 2013

january 1st 
was a wet, cold and rainy day which made
for a perfect time to ponder
on setting few mini goals for the year.

here are a few of mine:

look for the good in every person and in every situation.
workout regularly
eat healthier
drink more water
take pictures often
serve more
encourage my children
build up and honor nelson
strive to put God first in all areas of my life
choose joy
spend more time in his word.
hopefully, it's simple enough for me to 
try to accomplish daily
with God's grace and strength.

christmas morning

christmas morning arrived
and we woke up
excited to see what was underneath
the tree!
maddie is a big justin bieber fan
so the 2013 justin bieber calendar
was a perfect gift from michael.
he really needed a new pair of nike slippers!
one of meagan's favorite gift
was this vanity mirror that can 
be plugged in and lights up!
mei-mei enjoyed just walking through all of the mess!
the best gift of the year was
this san francisco 49'er personalized
jersey that michael ordered
for nelson!

it was a very sweet christmas morning
and we all enjoyed the day
hanging out, eating, and watching
lots of them!