About Me

hello!  i'm alely. welcome to my little corner of cyberworld. 

i have three amazing and beautiful children....a supportive husband....
and we are from the san francisco/bay area where the husby and i both grew up and where each of my kids were born.  

the husby's job relocated us to the charlotte, nc area in 2006...we sold our home, the company packed our belongings, we got on a plane that flew us clear across the united states leaving lifetime friends, family and all that we knew behind to step into a whole new chapter and season for our little family fully trusting that God knew what he was doing. sigh. (on a side note, my sis and family had already planned to move to charlotte, nc...but that's another long story in itself...to sum it up it was God's providence) .

the south...a slightly different culture than what we were use to...here you hear that southern drawl, sweet tea is the choice of beverage and where shopping carts are called buggy's (say what?) yup. that's right.  they're called buggy's and purses are called pocketbooks. i will always be a northern california girl at heart and there's lots of things i miss from my home state but i must admit even with what it lacks i have grown to love it here.  

moving on...

i enjoy sipping iced coffee and sweet tea (that's the southern thing that's grown on me, but to feel less guilty about it i often ask for half sweet tea/half regular tea or i will dilute a full strength of sweet tea with water), i am a foodie, a wanna be runner (wanna be because i really don't like to run i just do it to stay active and fit) and i am on a constant journey on losing 5-10 pounds!

and lastly....

i am always reminded that even through life's greatest pain, times of struggles and loss that i am blessed beyond measure.  By the grace of God, i am so thankful for the life i get to live. 

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