Thursday, April 1, 2010

spring break...

for me started at approximately 2:00 p.m. today when i left work.  
staff and students were all so ready to get out and be free from school for a total of 9 days! 
 woot! woot!
so my plan is to get some spring cleaning done around the house.

working (even at part-time) + parenting = household neglect.
this is the pile of towels and sheets that need to be washed after a week of 
family visiting and this doesn't even include sheets and pillowcases
plus our own regular laundry.
weed through all of the junk mail collected on my desk...
keep or not to keep...
i'm hoping to dust/vacuum all the blinds in the house...
and getting to cleaning all of our baseboards...
lastly, mop down the hardwood floors throughout the first floor.
i know, not exactly spring break fun but it all needs to get done.

my guy and miss bling were both invited to go to the beach with their friends
so they will be gone starting tomorrow and won't return till thursday 
of next week.  in the meantime, miss girly will be home with me and mr. L and
oh, and i can't forget miss mei-mei.  we'll actually get a taste of what 
it's like to have an only child.  well, in between my spring cleaning mode
miss girly and i have plans to have some mommy and me time.
shopping, eating, mani's, movies...

what are you all planning for spring break?
if you already had spring break what did ya'll do?

happy, happy, spring break everyone!


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Sounds like a nice spring break. There's nothing like a fresh home with open windows!!

We had spring break the last week of March and it snowed here. So much for that! LOL! We did do a lot of indoor crafts and made trips to the library! Oh well!

Visiting you from the Friday Follow!

Helena said...

That's so me! I can't enjoy my free time unless I feel organization around me. Cleaning has to be first or I won't breathe easy. Happy Friday Follow! I'm at AGalNeedsAtLeast2Blogs!

ModernMom said...

Following along through Follow Friday. Hope you have a second to come on over and follow me!