Wednesday, March 31, 2010


today is my girly's actual birthday day!
she is now officially 12!
mr. L ran to dunkin donuts for birthday breakfast.
per the birthday girl's request.
90/365 flickr project365
just a couple of favorite things she
was gifted today.
unfortunantly, she caught my fetish for purses/bags...
ah hem...i mean "pocketbook"..
that's what it's referred to here in the south.
big brother got her a notebook and some colored gel pens
showing her godmother dulce and uncle joe
 her new converse shoes that
they sent via mail!
she wore them today and absolutely hearts them!
birthday dinner at  qdoba's mexican grill...
and having her favorite steak queso burrito...
birthday girl with her handsome dad
this last pic is for all of you...
 dear family and friends...
who sent birthday cards and gifts...
ya'll made her birthday very extra special!

today also marks the end of month 3, 
90 days out of 365 days done!
(flickr project365)
however, in all of the busyness this past week,
with family visiting, entertaining and my girly's birthday...
i completely forgot to take a picture of my monthly cupcake : (.
in celebrating month #3!
i think i will try and do that tomorrow...
it'll be one day late.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

hello! you have a very beautiful blog and family! a juicy couture bag at 12?? what a lucky girl! =) happy birthday to her!

Betty said...

Happy belated birthday !
Great photos!
I am now following.
Hope you have a great day!

Cinzia said...

Happy birthday!!!!
Photos are beautiful, have a good day!

Sunday said...

I love those shoes and the handbag and the Qdoba! That is MY kinda birthday right there!

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Ashley Bray said...

Happy Birthday! There is nothing wrong with having a few "pocketbooks" and love that one.

Joaness said...

What nice pics. Warning if you go to Savannah and want to eat at Paulas restaurant,,,you have to be there really early in the morning to get a reservation and there is always a long line!
No reservation no dinner, and it is just a buffet with fried chicken and mashed taters! Nothing impressive IMHO. Just to let you know. Her Bros restaurant is better.

Dena E's Blog said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Girly yeaterday!!!!
We were away or I'd have been here to say it sooner.. Lovely awesome pics you have ,,but of course,,you have an awesome lovely family..
God is soooo good!!! And it shows in all you say and share through your delightful blog..
Blessings Sweetie~~~Iowa Hugs~~~Dena
oh,,THANKS for the follow at my blog (((hugs)))