Saturday, January 7, 2012

week 1 january photo a day challenge...

as i mentioned earlier this week i've joined the january photo a day challenge that i saw some blog friends participating in on instagram!  i googled it and found out that chantelle from fatmumslim created the challenge and its gone absolutely viral!  a ba-jillion people are using chantelle's list for inspiration, snapping away everyday and sharing them via instagram, facebook, blog and twitter. it's suppose to only be for january but chantelle mentioned in her post that she's creating a photo based challenge each month.  hmmmm....i'm thinking this may become another 365 photo a day project if she continues to create a monthly list for inspiration!  

it's not too late to participate!  so c'mon and join in on the fun!



ilene @ muchloveilly said...

so fun! i keep wanting to join one of these 365 challenges - i day! ;)

Kelly said...

love the yellow colored scarf!