Monday, January 9, 2012

instaweekend love...

holla! it's monday!
time to get up and get another week started!

first up...
i've changed the post title from
instagram weekend love....
instaweekend love!
because i haven't been using instagram exclusively these days.

as of late...
along with instagram
i've found some other very cool photo apps
that i've been taking my pics with
hence, the reason for the title change.

anyhoo, moving along...
this weekend started off with a... 

run! yep, a run!
i finally got myself out there...
a slow and steady run...
but a run nonetheless.
then we had back to back basketball games...
michael played on friday night with a church league...
and maddie who plays on her middle school basketball team 
got recruited to play on a weekend league
and that was on saturday afternoon 
after she played 2 hours of soccer before the game!
ay caramba!
she's a ball of energy!
sunday morning tradition...
prepared by the hubs...
our version of a filipino breakfast 
bacon, eggs and garlic rice
(no rice in the pic)
dark rain clouds looming above us sunday morning...
waiting for worship to begin...
for lunch maddie was craving fried pickles
so she looked up a recipe and made some.
 i worked on our family calendar ...
because our week is jammed packed!
and the weekend ended with our small group
on the study of the prodigal god.
which we didn't finish because there was
a minor emergency that happened
but all is good and we'll have to pick up with 
chapter 4 next sunday!

and just in case y'all were wondering...
the other cool apps i've been using are:
camera bag
disposable camera
classic booth

lastly, i would like to ask if you 
could you please pray for a very young friend of mine
who's mom had a stroke
and is not getting any feeling on her left side.
last i heard is that they may possibly 
do surgery on the bad artery to prevent
 another stroke from happening.
i'm sure she would appreciate the prayers being lifted up.
thanks fam and friends!

"the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much"
james 5:16b
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Sandy a la Mode said...

i seriously love taking pics with my camera phone! i use mytubo and snaptastic for android!

Kandice Poirier said...

that running app looks great! what is it? i'm a newb to running... using nike + & ease into 5k. :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i'm a tim keller fan all the way!!! we are starting his new marriage book soon. cannot wait!

we could totally run together!

and your honey makes you breakfast? that's the secret to 20 years, huh?! : ) delish!