Saturday, March 27, 2010

a day with my girls...

while mr. L and my guy took the guests/family
on a little day trip to duke university and chapel hill,
the girls and i hung out at home in the a.m...
went to my girly's first basketball session,
headed to south park mall for a bit to browse,
and then i took the girls on a surprise 
manicure and i got a pedicure.

what a treat!
in a previous post i mentioned i'm not big on prettying my
nails but since both of my girls love 
pretty nails
it was a nice surprise for them.
miss bling picked turquoise...
my girly picked green...
and i picked a coral/orange color for my toes!
in the car we had the radio blasting...
we sang to the tunes...
and even danced while driving...
girls day ended with 
mocha freeze and chocolate/vanilla swirl yogurt.
a loveLee, simpLee, loveLee day
today with my two
beautiful girls!


Krissy said...

Seems that you had a great day :) My daughter and I have great days like that too...even though she's only 4.

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Cinzia said...

You have two beautiful girls!

Safe Home Happy Mom said...

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patty said...

a very sweet post! love your family photo to the right, also... your design is lovely..oops... loveLEE, too!! :)

visiting from you caprture