Friday, March 26, 2010

family+food=good times

cousin H and auntie K flew in today all the way from 
"the city by the bay"
(san francisco)
into the
(charlotte aka the queen city).
and with them they brought two bags of round flat fortune cookies...

2 dozen sponge cakes

some chinese pastries 
and all of which came from san francisco's chinatown.
can you believe that? they lugged all of this with them.
thankful that they did because these are hard to
come by in these parts.

they also brought some spices and noodles to make the
vietnamese noodle soup called pho.

which was on the menu for tonight's dinner.

enjoyed some time playing a german card game called legretto.

the girls made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

and we watched the movie "blind side" which i have waited to watch 
for like forever.  i don't like to pay theatre prices so i often wait for movies to come
out on dvd.  i've heard nothing but great things about it and so i bought the
movie at target the other day.  i'm glad i did and i have to say it is now
my favorite movie of all times.
i'm such a sucker for feel good movies...
i heart that's it's a true story.
and it truelee is extraordinary
and such an inspiration.

the evening ended with the girls camping out in the loft area.
they pitched a tent and managed to all squeeze in there.



Christine said...

That was some international day!! Sounds like fun. We will miss you tomorrow.

Small Burst said...

LOL. When my family comes to visit, they bring boxes of food too. Mom even brings asian veggies with her as if we can't find them here. Her reasoning: veggies are more expensive on the east coast. They do have better asian pastries in SF, don't they? Is that hopia (mung bean) pastries? My kids devour those like there's not tomorrow.