Sunday, March 14, 2010

one fine sunday...

indeed it was.
enjoyed the chirping of all the birds in the backyard,
and i captured some signs of spring. 
73/365 flickr project365

like the leaves budding on the trees,
a bird perched up on the backyard fence,
a dandelion,
 moments of playing...

and even some girl talk devotional time, 
with miss girly and friends from school.

in the early evening we had lifegroup
(small group, covenant group etc.)
we all enjoyed going over chapter 4 of "crazy love".
the chapter on profile of the lukewarm christian
and we had a sweet time of sharing life's struggles, joys, fears, hopes...
that's all folks from this one tired mama!
have a wonderful week lovelee peeps!


whoisnell said...

ohh.. love the dandelion.. u have such a beautiful family.. ^*^

Lara said...

I'm your newest follower from MBC! Stop by some time!

Beautiful Photos!!