Saturday, March 13, 2010

glimpses of home...

emily over @ chatting at the sky is hosting  
"what is home to you".
(the idea is to take a photo/s and share your glimpse)

I am with emily...
i love home and i too would rather stay at home than go out.
in the spring and summer when 
the weather is nice
i heart sitting in my backporch 
(this is my second post this week showing my back porch lol!)

72/365 flickr project365

drinking coffee,
reading some magazines
enjoying the breeze and
hearing the birds sing.

~lovelee simplee lovelee~



Felissa Hadas said...

Stopping by from MBC. Hope you had a great weekend.


Krajcimama said...

You take beautiful pictures - from them I can tell that you have a beautiful home, too! It's inspirational!

mug mommy said...

Hello Alely! I love your name, it sounds so happy. I love your blog, it is easy on the eyes. I love your sweet, short posts, and photos. Will drop by again. :)

mug mommy

p.s. I spotted something under your wicker table. We call it "sungka" here. Used to play with one as a child. :)

Carey said...

With such a cute back porch you should definitely show it off :)
Love stopping by and seeing your beautiful photos!