Friday, March 12, 2010

friday with friend...

twas' a loveLee friday indeed.
i went into work today to help out with the second round of testing.  
afterwards, miss joana and i went out to lunch at our newest fave!  
(this is our second time here)  
thanks miss kelly for telling us about this place, you really should have joined us!
71/365 project365

i had my mind set on trying one of the asian noodles but
thanks again, to miss kelly who mentioned her favorite was penne rosa,
i ended up ordering that instead with parmesan crusted chicken.
we were not dissappointed.  it was absolutely deelish!

we also chatted with miss nicole, the general manager for a bit.
she's a very sweet gal.
she offered us a free tasting tour 
(like a wine tasting tour but with noodles)
with 4-6 of our friends!
she sure rocked our socks for the day!
so if you are local and your reading this post
make sure you make it a point to stop by 
"noodles company" at the arboretum.
you can't beat the 
great food, great prices, and the very friendly staff!

miss joana ended up spending the rest of the day with me
since she was a free woman for the day.
we took a trip to walmart to buy a gallon of milk,
and i ended up with a few extra items.

she helped me pick out a few nail things
for me and my girls.
for most women, nails are a priority
but for me it never was
but hanging around this lady with her beautiful nails
always nicely done,
and with two daughters who like to do their nails, 
i think it's starting to rub off on me.
guess, ya'll know what i'll be doing tomorrow : )
p.s. sorry for the blurry pics.  i'm trying to shoot with the aperture priority settings instead of the auto settings with these lens and i never know how my shots turn out until i start my post for the day.  


itwasyoublog said...

I've heard of Noodle & Company but I don't think we have one of those here in Northern CA. I wish we did, I love pasta!

Anonymous said...

We have one near us, but I've never been there. Even if your pics were blurry, that chicken dish is making me hungry! Rats!

Freely Living Life said...

Hi there!!

We are already fans/followers of your blog. Just stopping by to check things out and say hello. Come on over and visit us when you get a free moment. Have a fantastic weekend! ((hugs)) <3