Thursday, March 11, 2010

thankful thursday...

i have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings. 
however, today i was a bit frustrated, 
when i came home from work,
there were...
dirty dishes in the sink (my pet peeve),
kitchen island a mess with food and snacks that didn't make it back to the pantry,
clean dishes that were suppose to be put away,
which meant that the child responsible for that chore didn't do it the night before,
and a family room that hasn't been picked up.

and i let my frustration get the best of me
which caused a ripple effect...frustration led to crabby mood,
which led to the "oh, it's the mom lecture" again about how we all
need to pitch in and get it done, which caused me to
feel like a terrible mom that i had to give the 
"oh, it's the mom lecture" lecture when it really wasn't called for.
i mean we're all rushing to get out of the door in the morning,
so it's not like we have the time to tidy everything up.

the frustration slowly but surely faded away,
as i tried to reflect on how i should be thankful that
i have food on the kitchen island that needed to be put back in the pantry and
i have dirty dishes to wash, clean and put away because that meant my family was fed,
and all of the unfolded blankets on the couch provided warmth for my family,

i am thankful for a gracious God who can love me in all of my ugliness and
in my yucky-not-so-grateful attitude moments
and let me tell you there's a whole bunch of those.

and i am most thankful for food to eat
 and blankets to keep my family warm.



Christine said...

That's what my house looks like all the time. It can be so frustrating. But I know that I have been blessed with so much and I too need to be thankful for it. Thanks for the reminder.

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