Sunday, January 24, 2010

24/365 Toddler Room Time!

I didn't have the time to photograph a church today but I did capture pictures of three little ones at church.  Once a month the family and I have the opportunity to help serve in the toddler room.  Today was that day! This is when I can get my little munchkin fix since mine are way well beyond those years.  We only had three little adorable girlie munchkins today.

This is little Miss L

reading books...

Little Miss E
and the other little Miss "E"

playing with playdough

the cones all stacked up by my Miss Girly Cute

Mr. L tossing a goldfish and Girly Cute trying to catch it by her mouth : )

Miss E during snack time...isn't she precious?

I heart little munchkin crocks! They are so super cute!

On the way home from church.

What a blessed day!  Mr. L grilled some delicious steaks and we ate that with his famous potato wedges. I took my Sunday afternoon nap then lifegroup to end the evening.  Sweet!  Looking forward to the week ahead!
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