Saturday, January 2, 2010

2/365 Matthews Holiday Haus

                                              2/365 Matthew Holiday Haus, originally uploaded by 1randomgirl.
Maddie had basketball practice this morning. As we rushed out of our house, like we normally do I grabbed my camera bag hoping to get in a photo op while waiting for her to finish up. I dropped her off and headed down the road towards downtown Matthews. I decided to take a picture of this little Christmas store called Matthews Holiday Haus. It's a store that carries Christmas and home accent items year round. A very cute little store in a very quaint and picturesque litte town. Because I heart this little town so much I'm sure you will be seeing more photos in the next 363 days.
Later on in the evening my cousin, her hubby and two beautiful kids had the opportunity to come over. They live a little over 2 hours away but getting together are far and few between. My sis and kids also came by and we all enjoyed a meal together.  My mom prepared some filipino dishes that we all love and will miss once they leave us in exactly 8 days :-(.

I believe this will be the last of our feasts.  We all ate way too much!  See ya'll tomorrow!

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~Susie~ said...

Lovely photos! The children are beautiful and it looks like a cute town!