Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I heart Christmas decorations but I am one of those that starts to pack it all up right after Christmas Day is over.  Most people normally wait until after the 1st of the new year but I always have this urgent need to get my house back in order right after Christmas.  I've had it up for 5 weeks,  I think that's long enough.  It was time to pack up! woot! woot!

I started by taking all of the empty Christmas bins down from the attic.

I then proceeded to take all the ornaments off the tree, with the help of my Diva Daughter! Thanks Meg! Then I put all of the ornaments back in their respective homes. 

We packed everything else up in their bins by category:
  • mantel accessories
  • garlands
  • ornaments/lights
  • artificial tree
  • willow tree nativity

all done in under 2 hours! All packed up and ready to be put back in the attic until it's time to decorate for Christmas 2010! 

Well except for my Christmas cards they will stay up for another few weeks!  I heart my Christmas cards!

Oh, and one last thing, and that's to pack up and put away the outdoor lights and decorations, that's the hubs project, my part is done! Yay me!

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