Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Lee Family Times- 2009 Review and Favorites!

NELSON'S NEW JOB WITH CARBUYCO AFTER 9 MONTHS OF JOB SEARCHING!...6 week vacation visiting family and friends in CALIFORNIA...MonaVie...Michael's perfectly straight teeth after getting his braces off...Meagan getting her braces on and ortho Jaime's Christening...with Nelson being a Godfather... Alely's part-time job @ Grace Academy...Our 1st and maybe our last family 5k run @ the Elk Grove Run for Independence along with extended family and friends... UB and Cii's wedding...Fall trip to Outerbanks, NC... crumb pie with vanilla icecream...Maddie's 1st 2 night, 3 day trip away from home with her 6th grade class...Meagan & cousin Paige's 8th grade graduation blessing/party...

..reconnecting with lots of family members and old friends from all over the world (Hawaii, Canada, Philippines, Germany, The Netherlands, Alaska, Australia & Japan through facebook!)...sushi @ New Zealand's Cafe...Michael & Meagan on Homecoming Court...Fall Colors in the Carolinas...Sunday evenings with our Lifegroup...celebrating Michael's 16th birthday...sweet tea...our new next door family...
...Mei-Mei's adopt-a-dog-niversary-day!...Nelson's mom's successful surgeryPTL!...and for all the prayers that were lifted up for our family.

This year has been a difficult one with the loss of Nelson's job and has brought many challenges and fears along the way but we rest and find peace amidst all the unknown's in God's sovereignty. He has faithfully met all of our needs in ways we could never have imagined!

The most glorious promises of God are generally fulfilled in such a wondrous manner that He steps forth to save us at a time when there is the least appearance of it.

C. H. von Bogatzy

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