Monday, May 16, 2011

miscellany monday...

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  since blogger was down last week it feels like forever since i've posted.
however, i was thankful for the little break.

2.  the break helped me to fulfill a few orders that needed to go out on saturday.
3.  thankful for customers who come back, re-order & give me the
pleasure of creating something special for loved ones.
above: is a re-order from cathie who was gifting it to a special friend.
below: is a re-order from beth who ordered two more initial charm necklaces
to add to the 11 that she ordered for graduation gifts a couple of weeks ago.
4.  and all weekend i think the girls watched justin bieber's
dvd "never say never"
about a million times!

5.  our doggie mei-mei seems to be quieter than normal
and she's already pretty chill to begin with.
hope she's ok.



Kel said...

Oh I know Friday was killer! It was just horrible! hahaha, how did we all survive! ( I was so bored at work) haha

jozen said...

break was a blessing in disguise!!!

ChantaleP said...

I loved the blogger respite too. Who knows, I might take a longer break soon too. Beautiful charm necklaces Alely! So glad to hear that's doing well. Hope your Mei-Mei is ok too..

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

haha - you're not the only one who's watched it a million times. my sister got her own copy on friday too. :)

and congrats on all the sales - super exciting!!!

Beth said...

Beautiful necklaces! What a great weekend :)

stephanie said...

i enjoyed the break too!!! those necklaces are just lovely!

Jordan said...

I am all too glad there are no biebs fans in this household. Pretty necklaces!

kebowman said...

love the necklaces!!

Anne Eurose Abris said...

Happy Monday! And my mom has been wearing her necklace everyday :).

simplyvonne said...

your such a super mom..busy busy!

aw hope your doggie is ok..yeah I get pretty worry too when my doggies are laid back since they are usually so hyper!