Monday, January 31, 2011

miscellany monday...

linking to lowercase letter's miscellany mondays!

{1} miss girly...
her basketball season came to an end last tuesday night.
unfortunantly, i have to say it wasn't a good season all the way around.
i'm just a wee bit dissappointed about some things that
happened and i've been praying about how i
need to approach and handle the situation.
{2} my parents...
they left last wednesday for the philippines to visit family and attend a reunion.
it's  now monday and i have not heard from them so i had to go on
facebook, send a message to a few relatives asking if they had arrived safely.
thankfully, my cousin replied and said they were there
safe and sound!
(bad parents! shame on them for making me worry!)

{3} taste-tasting...
sunday i attended a launch party for a product
called "eat, think, smile"
it hit lowe's foods here in charlotte last week
and we're the first city to try it!
i'm hoping to write a post all about it later this week.

and lastly...
{4} greek style yogurt...
i finally had some and i really like it!
it's suppose to be better for you yeah?
happy monday friends!



Sarah B. said...

"Eat think smile" sounds like fun! And I heart greek yogurt too!! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

Hey sweet lady!

So glad you enjoyed the warm weekend weather!

I can imagine that interesting things happen when your kids play sports. I hope everything gets addressed as necessary. God will guide you!

I like your yogurt picture. I see you got the t.j.'s brand. We are getting a t.j.'s soon!!!! I'm thrilled! I'll have to try it. I dont like the oikos brand.

The tasting thing sounds fun!

Laura said...

We're really getting into Greek yogurt at our house too. My hubby loves it! You made some? Wow I'm impressed!

Small Burst said...

happy monday-although it is almost tuesday as i type. have a great week!

mZ E said...

Greek yogurt being better for ya? (ya learn something new EVERYDAY!) I will be getting into that. *smile* Its funny how fb can be a convenience to ya at times...yet I still won't fb...glad your parents made it safely tho! Happy Monday to you and yourz as well!
Stay Blessed..

jozen said...

happy monday! hope your parents bring you back lots and lots of mangoes from PI!!!

jozen said...

ps. find me on fb! should be the only "jozen" there!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

oh yum! i LOVE greek yogurt! esp. with honey!!