Monday, July 12, 2010

toms = one for one...

"with every pair you purchase,
TOMS will give a pair of new shoes
to a child in need. ONE for ONE."

i first heard about TOMS through lola's girl then again from my daughter miss bling and i have been wanting a pair ever since.  and then on our visit to california, BAM! my cousin d had a men's pair on. i was told you could purchase them at nordstorms so whilst shopping in san francisco we headed over there. 

they looked super cute, super comfy and every purchase was for a great cause.  unfortunantly, they did not have my size. however, my cousin g walked away with a pair of black ones! yay! a pair for her and a pair for a child in need!
today, i went to nordstroms here in charlotte and they had my size in both black and ash. i decided on the ash so i happily made my purchase and took my new pair of TOMS home with me.  yay! a pair for me and a pair for a child in need!
just in case you're wondering
they come in many colors and a few different styles...

so if you're in the hunt for a new pair of cute and comfy shoes why not purchase a pair of TOMS.
"with every pair you purchase,
a pair of new shoes goes to a child in need
ONE for ONE."

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Sandy a la Mode said...

ahhh i NEED to get myself a pair!! i'm thinking one of these flats oh and maybe one of the wedges too!

Marie said...

This is such a great idea.:D
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theUngourmet said...

Such a wonderful thing! I think I'll order the pink and white pair. Thanks for sharing this company!

Diana Mieczan said...

I just got a pair of navy TOMS and I am so happy...Great shoes and do so much good:)

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing the commercial, that's an awesome ministry to support! :)

jozen said...

i wanted that colour but they were sold out of my size!! i am thinking of buying another pair as well, they are so comfy!

Jen said...

I know, aren't these great! And have you seen the new summer wedges? They're FABULOUS! I just need to track a pair down ;-)

Michelle (michabella) said...

I LOVE My TOMS! Thanks for the birthday wishes!! <333