Wednesday, July 21, 2010

the challenge...

1/2 cup of yogurt and fresh strawberries for my snack.

i am one of those who is constantly struggling to lose 5 pounds
and well after the 7 week vacay let's add 4 to that 5!  auuughh!!!
i know, it's what i get for having lack of self control
especially when it comes to food!
well, there are a couple of us in the office
that are struggling to lose those extra few pounds
so yesterday we each set our own personal goals
and challenged each other to get it done by August 19th!
That's 30 days from now.
time for me to get back on track.
which means i'll need to start eating better,
control those portions,  
cut out all of those desserts
 and start running/working out 4-5 times a week.  
all of which i have not been doing since even before summer started.
well, not exactly true...
i have run a handful of times in those past several months.  
oh, i'm also going to try out a 7 day free trial...
my coworker miss A told me about it.
i think it's pretty cool and it might help me keep on track
because i'll be needing all the help i can get!
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Sandy a la Mode said...

try the insanity workout for your workout! it's great cardio!! and i am totally one of those that constantly needs to lose 5-15 lbs... i've gained 15 lbs from my wedding last year, soo sad! i wish i could have kept my wedding weight!!

Caroline said...

You can do it!! I am sure you have noticed that I write about all kinds of goodies ... however I do know the importance of balance. For awhile I was making all kinds of goodness without exercising BUT that quickly caught up ... I changed my workout routine, signed up for a half marathon and go to power yoga three times a week ... the balance is back!! Sending you a hug and YOU CAN DO IT! xo

Caroline said...

So, the link to the Chipotle Corn Burger can be found if you click on the "right here" in the post. You will love them!! xo

Carrie said...

good luck.

i just went swimming yesterday for a workout and loved it! it works practically every part of the body and is much better than running i think.


Diana Mieczan said...

Swimming is great for a workout I do it almost everyday and it makes me feel great! Good for you sweetie....Have a wonderful day and that snack sounds lovely:)


ps: I hope you had a change to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!

Becky said...

good for you. I'm on the same quest (which I'm a long-term participant in).

Susan said...

Since you're a Blackberry fan, you might want to try a new app called Endomondo. It tracks your workout on your Blackberry. If you want, you can have the results posted to your Twitter and Facebook pages. I've downloaded it (it's free) but I haven't really used it yet. I'm hoping the temptation of geeky technology actually gets me moving!

Carey said...

Oh those strawberries look so good! Good luck with your challenge too!

Gracie said...

I know that you can do it! It can be so difficult I know. I gained a few kilos from after I got married (why does that happen sigh) and I'm trying to get back into being fit.

I hope it all goes well for you!

jozen said...

ack! i totally need to be one of those people!!!!

Brandi said...

I'm right there with you! I already lost five and work out 6 days a week, but I'm also an avid amateur baker. The things that's helped the most is eating 4-5 smaller meals a day -- it makes sure I never get hungry and overeat. If you ever need support, just email me.