Monday, June 14, 2010

miscellany monday...

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linking up to carissa's miscellany monday linky! 

1.  this is no surprise to people who know me but i got my dates confused.  i thought my parents were flying into charlotte on wednesday.  they are actually flying in tomorrow night! yikes!

2.  did you know you can upload all of your pics to a cd at costco for only $2.99?  what a deal and i just transferred all 1,500 photos to a cd this morning.

3.  we are a house divided.  the celtics are going to win the finals!  i can feel it in my bones!  my kids are for the lakers.  boo lakers!

4.  this is a philippine mancala game called sungka.  i use to play this game all the time with my lola (grandma).  

5.  speaking of the philippines,  i am filipina but grew up here in the states so i enjoyed this fact about the country where my roots are from.
"the philippines just celebrated their 112 years of independence!"

i came across a post from a new bloggy friend cheri.  she wrote this tid bit of history about the philippines:
we used to be a colony of spain and the US. the british wanted in, too, and the japanese occupied our land.  after liberation, we were granted our own government under the commonwealth. call it a government's on-the-job training. the US recognized our freedom on july 4, 1946, but one of our presidents transferred the date to june 12, in accordance with the original date we first unfurled our flag and first played our national anthem.

hope ya'll are having a very loveLee monday!


Hannah said...

I just adore your blog--and love your design! So glad you found me...can't wait to keep up with your loveLee life! :-)

Have a beautiful day, hun!

Sandy a la Mode said...

omg, i LOVE mancala! i haven't played that game in AGES but remembering it being soo soo fun! that's good to know about costco! i drop my external hard drive on the floor all the time that my husband is afraid i might break it one day, i should really upload those photos to CDs as backup!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for joining in! i love to have you! hope you have a lovely (oh wait, i mean, lovelee!) visit with your parents! #2 - that is a good deal! i used to love playing mancala! i wish i still had one. #5 is awesome! take care pretty lady!

Kristin said...

Hi Alely! It's so nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by Windy Poplars today! Oh, you can surely grow hydrangeas if I can :-) It's all about putting them in a spot they will be happy. Keep them watered well their first year, and really after that, you just ignore them until it's time to pick their gorgeous blossoms! They are a wonderful plant! - Good luck with trying them... ~Kristin

jen@odbt said...

Great fact. We used to have a similar mancala set too.

Rachel said...

What a wonderful blog. It is so beautiful.

I never knew about the pictures at Costco--that is a deal that I need to check into.

Love the picture of your game.

I'll be back.


xshumzx said...

ur kids are brilliant...go lakers =] TUESDAY its ON!

Carlene said...

Hi!!! I randomly found your blog and I just LOVE it!! What a wonderful family you have! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I love mancala and I hope you will have so much fun with your parents:)
Enjoy your day, darling and see you soon:)

cheri said...

i forgot to ask if you still speak filipino. anyhoo, yay for sungka! i want to get one but the hubby refuses. according to old wives' tales, if you have sungka at home, your house will be at high risk for fires. remember the sungka term "sunog-bahay" (houseburning)?

thanks for the mention. i'm really glad to have found you, and to learn that you're pinay is a very pleasant surprise to boot :)

Becky said...

nice post, fun to learn a little more about you. We are a non-Laker rooting family in SoCal. I worry about my husband every time he goes to the bar to watch the game...