Monday, May 10, 2010

much love [smoothies] & miscellany monday...

i've decided to change "things i heart monday" to "much love monday" so i can link up future posts to "much love"
strawberry, banana, blueberry smoothies are much loved here.
day 130 flickr project365
bon appetit!
i'm also linking to lowercase letters.
1)  i trimmed the doggies hair today.  her hair was getting quite long.
2)  where oh where do all the socks go after they are washed and dried?  i can never find the right pairs to put together!
3)  i had homemade sushi for lunch.
4)  my baseboards still need to be wiped down.
5)  and lastly, i need to get up and put some batteries in my clock.
    here's to yet another monday! 


    Courtney said...

    So now I'm craving a smoothie. YUM!

    Debbie's L'Bri said...

    Looks like the similar this I put in my shake, except milk. I don't put milk in my shakes. I like eating shakes and my kids call it ice cream because it is so thick.

    muchlove said...

    yum! that smoothie looks delicious :)
    Thank you so much for naming your posts to "much love monday"! This makes me so happy :)

    carissa @ lowercase letters said...

    thanks so much for joining in!!! the smoothie shots are lovely... i want one right now! : ) homemade sushi sounds so very tasty! my baseboards are in DIRE need of a cleaning... thanks for reminding me about them! have a fabulous week!

    Marie said...

    I <3 smoothies!:D These are yummy looking pictures, Alely!:D

    Have a lovely week!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

    jennifer young said...

    i love smoothies of all kinds! you've created the classic. delicious!

    Sandy a la Mode said...

    your pictures are beautiful alely! and that's soo cool u linked up to miscellany monday, i need to do that soon!! also, the much love thing sounds neat too!!