Friday, March 5, 2010

i worked today...

and i don't normally work on friday's...
and to piggy back on yesterday's thankful for my job post
having friday's off is another reason why
i am thankful for my job.
i heart my friday's off because it gives me 
time to sip a little more coffee, 
stay in my jammies a little longer, get errands done
and do a few household chores.

however, today we had CAT testing
at the school i work for.
i went in to help proctor the test for
4th and 5th graders!
they were a great group of kids 
and i had a fun time with them.
so the new fad these days are 
these little thing-a-muh-jiggies...
a few of the kids had them today...
not exactly sure what they are called but
they are a bunch of rubberband type bracelet things 
that come all bunched up and when you
open them up they make shapes.
animals, sea creatures, hearts, flowers, etc.
i can't believe these are the hottest things around.
i mean, really? wow?
now why didn't i think of this?
my girly even bought a couple of packs for herself last week.
64/365 flickr project365

i wonder, is this just a fad here in NC
or is it nationwide, worldwide?
do any of your kids have them 
and are they lying around all over your house?
lol..just wondering...


joselyn said...

Still loving your blogs. It' a great way to peek inside your world even for a little bit. And, yes, I would love a little treat =)

Your cousin,

Anonymous said...

Um, my kids would love those! I've never seen there around here in the Midwest!
Yeah, I'm supposed to get Fridays off too, but sometimes I don't. So when I do, I really appreciate it!
Have a fantastic weekend, I'm off to Door County for wine tasting with Husband!

Denise said...

Following you over from Trendy Treehouse. I am already a follower!
Stop by. I have a frugal friday blog hop.