Monday, February 1, 2010

32/365 my style monday...

I thought i'd give this a try...
following Short Southern Momma's 
"My Style Monday"
blog hop...
We're suppose to show 5 things that scream "ME" when
it comes to inside
our homes.

My decorating styles are
In my home it's a mix of
traditional, classic, french country, shabby chic 
but the 
modern and urban
look appeals to me as well.

Here are my 5 things...

32/365 flickr project photo
I Heart picture frames and my Pottery Barn clocks
which are all over my house...

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

I would love to have an arrangement of 
candles like this one day
I Heart candles 
especially scented candles 
they always makethe house smell nice
and makes a room feel warm, cozy
 and inviting.

I Heart wrought iron
and you can find them
randomly around my house as well...

Photo credit: somewhere from the internet

I would love to have a 
nice, neat and organized
sewing area like the picture above...
right now it's a disheveled mess!

I Heart hydrangeas
in all colors but I think my most
favorite color is blue.
I would love to have real hydrangea bushes
but I don't have a green thumb
so I have to settle for the so called
artificial fake ones!

Thanks Short Southern Momma!  
That was fun!

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for playing along girl! I totally heart pottery barn too! I am loving your style and would love to have an organized craft/sewing area like that too! You don't even want to see what I'm working with over here. LOL!
Hope you'll play along again! XOXO

Kristin said...

I heart candles and hydrangeas too! They're both so welcoming.

Jacki said...

You've got the Pottery Barn clocks that I so envy! haha, I recognize from your pics. Okay, I'm weird.