Sunday, January 31, 2010

31/365 in celebration of...

completing 1 month, 31 days of
flickr project:365!
all my
fellow flickr project 365'ers...
Happy 1 month!
I did it...we did it

11 more months
334 more days to go.

thank you 
to all project 365'ers and
momtog bloggers...
you are all amazing photographers who
inspire and encourage
me to keep on
keepin on!

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Carey said...

Girl, you are making me want a cupcake real bad!!! I'm loving your blog too! Now receiving feeds! Your family is beautiful and I love that verse at the bottom...just read it Saturday morning :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! I'm with you Carey gonna make a cup cake run now....

Keep going Alely!!