Saturday, January 9, 2010

9/365 Hoop it Up!

Michael had an amazing game last night! It was his best game ever! I wish I had captured the play when he went up to rebound the ball and one of the opponents went for his legs as he was at his highest point and for a second we all thought he was going to come crashing down face first but he landed gracefully (well, he made it look that way anyways) on his hands and quickly composed himself and kept on playing! We were all pretty surprised and very thankful he did not get hurt.  BTW...UA did win the game, after taking a beating the last two games it was nice to walk off the court with a WIN!

I didn't get any good action shots of Michael because I forgot to bring my other lens :-(.

Maddie had her first basketball game of the season today. Don't let her size fool you, she may be the smallest but she's quick, she handles the ball well, and does not give up easily on offense or defense.  I guess that competitive spirit in her comes from having to play her big brother all these years.

"Defend till the end"

"Hustle, hit, and never quit!"
       "All Out, All Game, All Season"

The season has just begun, looking forward to sitting on those bleachers watching these two play!


Florence said...

Love the first photo, lookin' sharp! And all the Nike branding cracks me up :)

Anonymous said...

lol! they always seem to go with Nike when it comes to getting their sports shoes. :)