Friday, January 8, 2010

8/365 Fabric Heaven

Today my parents and I went to Mary Jo's Cloth Store in Gastonia, SC. Mary Jo's is a fabr-a-holic, furniture reupholsterer junkie, craft and sewing addicts, heaven on earth. They had every type, every pattern, every color fabric you could want at bargain prices. My girlfriend told me about this fabric store the other day because I mentioned that I needed to make new curtains for Maddie's room since I've been working on redecorating it. I already had the style and color in mind and the cheapest I had found it for was $9.99 a yard online. Thank goodness I put off ordering the fabric because I found the same exact pattern at Mary Jo's for $6.99 a yard! Score! I just love a good deal!

I heart pink and when I saw the selection of pink polka dotted fabric, I just had to take a pic!

I took the above shot for my girl's knowing they'd like the pattern and the bright colors.

Another couple of shots just to show the selections that they had.

I can't wait to go back!  I'm thinking that another DIY project could be in the works sometime soon. Maybe new dining room curtains and reupholstering the dining room chairs?  I'm not too sure hubs is going to like that idea :-).

...almost done with Maddie's room!  Yipee!...just a few more minor details and I will post pics!


solveig said...

ooooh love all the fabric, looks like heaven!

Pam said...

Envy. Huge envy.

Christine said...

I get excited looking at all the fabric. I am wanting to go back to Mary Jo's too. I have been finding some awesome fabric online and need see if they have it. Great job on Maddie's room.