Wednesday, January 13, 2010

12/365 Before and After - Maddie's Bedroom...

I am finally done!!! Yay me!
thanks everyone for being so patient.  I've gotten a few emails from my blogger readers waiting for the reveal!

The super exciting part about this D.I.Y. project was that very little was purchased for this makeover! I re-used, re-did and made-do with whatever we had. I also traded a piece of furniture or two from other rooms in the house. I do that quite frequently, and for those of you that know me it use to be an addiction but I am now almost a recovered furniture mover : ). I only move things around occasionally instead of frequently!
Here's Maddie's room before:

I forgot to take a before picture and by the time I remembered I had already taken out most of her things from her room!

My dad painting!
A can of paint at Lowe's $21.00
but we used a giftcard that Nelson won at some event he went to.  So basically the paint was FREE!

The fabric she picked for her drapes.  I cut the fabric in 1/2 and quickly sewed the sides.
$6.99 a yard x 2.5 yards = $17.00 (roughly)

I used leftover white paint that I already had to paint this mirror.
Paint = FREE

then I swapped dressers from some other room in the house...
and we went to Hobby Lobby to pick the following up...

                            12/365 paint colors, originally uploaded by 1randomgirl.
$ .99 each to paint her initials that were $2.00 each
$3.00 + $6.00 = $9.00

Maddie painted polka dots on her initials with the paint.
oh,and the picture frames on the shelf were $2.50 @ the dollar section in Target!

And I really loved the idea of the days of the week on the desk corkboard. So I did this...

with scrapbook paper we already had = FREE
and this is how it turned out...

Close enough for me!
Below...see the curtain rod?  Well, with the white paint we already had...

We did this!  We had to buy the white rings which cost $6.99 a pack OUCH!
$14.00 total!

I know, I know...bad lighting but I had to make dinner and I wasn't going to mess around with making it work!

The Before AGAIN...

And the After!

The comforter on the bed was from IKEA @$29.00.
Total expenses...roughly...
$80.00 (does not include bedroom paint) + Pa's labor of love  = PRICELESS!

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inadvertent farmer said...

That ROCKS...seriously cool redo, great job you guys, Kim

Anonymous said...

Where did you buy the white clips?

Hard time finding white rings with the white clips ;(

alely L. said...

Earl's daughter...I got it at MaryJo's cloth store.

Alely L. said...

thanks kim!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alely! Love the room and rats I missed your giveaway :( !