Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally! New Christmas Stockings!

Ok, for years now I have been wanting new stockings!  You know like the Pottery Barn looking stockings and each year after Christmas, I believe, for at least the past 3 years I would look online to buy some of those PB stockings you know at 50% off, and each year I never did :-(.  It's probably because I knew that I could make some myself and it would still cost less than the clearance price of a PB one. 

Well, I happened to stumble across a blog post on Shabby Nest and she made stocking from old blankets that she had. I thought to myself, surely, I have something I could use to make new stockings for my fam.  I scoured the house looking for something that might work and sure enough I found an old tablecloth I have not used for years!  It was perfect!

I already had the sewing machine out because I had to sew my daughter's dress that morning so I got really excited and started on this D.I.Y. project right away!

This is the tablecloth I used...

I traced our old stockings on the tablecloth like this.  I used a pink marker so you really can't see it too well.

After tracing 8 stockings onto the fabric, I cut all of them out. (5 for me, hubby, and 3 kids, one for our dog mei-mei, and a stocking for each of my parents who will be visiting us for Christmas).

I cut what was left of the velvet ribbon to make the hooks on the stockings.

I sewed them onto the stocking like so...

Then I used individual sepia pictures of each person and glued them onto solid alternating red and cream colored scrapbook paper to border the picture. I then used glue dots to stick them onto the stocking so that Santa would know whose stockings belonged to who.

My preference would be to monagram each stocking like Pottery Barn's below but what i've done will have to do for now.

I love our new stockings!  It's so much better than what we had before.  I'm glad I didn't have to spend a dime!

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