Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving Something Again!

Those of you who know me, I am constantly moving something in my house. 
I just RANDOMLY get an urge to make a room look different
or see how a certain piece of furniture or accessory would look
somewhere else in the house. 
 If you see me RANDOMLY standing in the middle of a room
with my arms crossed and in deep thought,
that's when I am about to make a move!
Moving what I already have around the home
is my way of feeling like I've acquired something new :-). 

It's easy, fun, creative and best of all it doesn't cost me anything!


Today it was the foyer!

I really needed to spruce things up a bit.
 It was pretty plain and boring. 

Coat Rack from Potter Barn Outlet!

Table from Goodwill...
which needs to be refinished someday

And After...

It's still a little plain but better than before
Just moved the coat rack
over to that side

Just a little rearranging....

Liking the way it looks for now...

until I get the urge to Move Something Again!

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