Sunday, January 6, 2013

#45 holla....

i've got a lot of catching up to do
on this little blog o' mine.

i'ma have to take y'all way back to last month!

i turned the big 45!
december 13th to be exact.
yes, i know i may not look it but
i can sure feel the aches and pains
that come along with being this old!

the hubby surprised me at work
with lots of balloons, a bouquet of flowers,
 & a birthday cake to share with my coworkers!

i was super especially
blessed with people in my life
who are not only my coworkers but my friends
who gifted me with
thoughtful gifts...
my gorgeous friend joanna
gave me what i have been wanting...
a pair of comfy fleece pajamas!
she also gave me
fuzzy socks and a starbucks giftcard!
miss baker kylie baked
me my favorite cupcakes!
yellow cake with cream cheese frosting!
heavens to betsy they were the bomb diggity!
my southern bell kelly gave me the book called 
"the story"
it's a bible written like a story!
it's easy to read and understand
how awesome is that?
another starbucks gift card, pomegranate
and a jar full of hershey's kisses 
from my beast runner friend shelly 
of which i did not get a picture with : (.
and from rachel ray...
well, really rachael m. but she can
cook like rachel ray
made me her meme's 
amazing banana pudding!
ending the day with a birthday dinner
with my family at my favorite

my day overflowed with so much love and blessings.
what a sweet way to end my 44th year of life
and begin my 45th!


carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i want your genes so i can age well. : ) you seriously look 20. you blessed woman, you!

also? i almost bought this blog design! love it!!

Elisse said...

Belated happy birthday wishes to you! And you spent your birthday in the most perfect way possible :) Happy 2013!!