Saturday, September 8, 2012

number 3...

for each sport she plays
basketball and soccer...
the number 3 is her number!
 last weekend maddie's club team played in their
very first soccer tournament up in the
mountains of north carolina
asheville, nc to be exact.

 the first game had a very picturesque view
and the weather was perfect!
one of the team captains she is to start off this game.

she may be little
but this girl is fierce!
she is a hustler and she is a
team player and leader.
one weekend for a total of 3 games...
1st game 1-1
2nd game loss by 1
and 3rd game loss by 3.

not too shabby for a first year club team!
the hope is that as the season continues
the girls will get stronger playing together
and hopefully bring this team to win a few!

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