Monday, July 16, 2012

california favorites...

maddie and i went on a very short but sweet trip
back home to cali...
here's a recap of our favorite moments...
1.  leaving on a southwest plane from greenville, spartanburg international airport in south carolina.
2.  in and out is probably always the first stop for most californians when returning home to their home state.  at least i know it's ours!
3.  we made it in time for the annual 4th of july party at my parents house.  my mom and dad were very surprised!  my mom screamed and then cried with joy.  it was priceless!
4.  mine and maddies most favorite dessert called leche flan made by my tita shirley.  (shhhh...don't tell anyone but we actually hid 1, 2 or possibly 3 of them to keep for ourselves! bwahahahaha!)
5.  with all of the eating that goes on i had to do a lot of running in my parent's neighborhood to work it all off!
6.  my mom and dad's house.  our home away from home.  
7.  can you say food truck madness?  holla!  krush burger food truck was the bomb diggity!  i thoroughly enjoyed my ninja burger (marinated & grilled sliced angus short ribs, asian slaw, radish sprouts, sesame ginger vinegarette, sriracha aioli, fried scallions)...oh, my word.  it was to die for!
8.  a blog friend meet up at a very cute breakfast and coffee shop called the dancing fox!  gena flew in from VA to visit her family in CA and we both happened to be there at the same time.  i first met gena via the blog world.  2 summers ago on a road trip up north we happened to be passing through her town and we met up at a local mcd's. that was uber fun and we just had an instant connection with each other.  it's like we've known each other our whole lives! she is super-duper sweet and i would tell you to read her blog but she has moved on to bigger and better things. she has become an amazing photographer so that's what's been keeping her quite busy.  check her out here.
9.  it's always a tradition with my cousin to go shopping!  so we loaded up the van and took her girls, maddie, my other niece and my aunt to the mall!
10.  such a foodie i am...a few of the things we ate on my very short visit!  cupcakes, korean food, vietnamese food, and crab with garlic noodles!
11.  crossing the bay bridge into my favorite city san francisco!
12.  just minutes from san francisco is a view of linda mar beach in pacifica.  a little beach town where we bought our little one story, 3 bedroom, 1 bath very cute and comfy house.
13.  atop the hills of the linda mar area sits a little duplex where our missionary friends from japan are staying on their 6 month furlough here in the states.  it was a great visit and it was so good to physically hug and squeeze them both!
14.  dinner with my besties...bff'ers...the crab pier 39 in san francisco.
15.  visiting sungrove church's new home!  it's been a long road to actually have their very own place to call home.  God is good and he provides in his time!
16.  last but not least...that guy...uncle jay who so kindly and generously flew me and maddie out to california!  he's the best-est!

and below are just a few of my favorite peeps evah!
i have a lot more favorite peeps that didn't quite make it
in this collage because either:
1. i forgot to take a pic with them.
2. they told me to delete their pic because they didn't like it.
ahem...shirley r.  yeah, i'm talking about choo!
3. OR i forgot to include it in the collage because it's late
and i am really, really tired
 and scrolling through hundreds of pics 
i was bound to miss a few plus 
it would have taken way too long to
redo the whole collage.  
but for those i missed please know that you are included
in my favorite peeps evah list!
(goddaughters, girlfriends, cousins, mom and dad)

blessed, awesome, amazing, sweet, fun and a great time always!

and that's a wrap!


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