Monday, December 5, 2011

instagram weekend love...

i think i may have frequented starbucks 
a little too often this weekend...

i registered last minute for the jingle bell run for arthritis
in celebration of my girl shelly's 40th birthday.
that shall be my final and last run of the year.

there are many, many, many churches here charlotte...
we happened to drive by this one and fell in love with
the christmas ensemble of the garland around the doorframe
and the wreaths hung on the beautiful church doors...

i love eating
toast with peanut butter, honey and sliced bananas
for breakfast!

we finally finished decorating the tree...
one week later.
(this is a pre-lit tree but being that it's 9 years old
 80% of the lights no longer work
and despite the frustration with having to string
lights on them, i still love this tree.  
it just stands so tall and perfect).

homemade vietnamese chargrilled pork
over garlic fried rice for sunday dinner...

and online registration for tickets to 
code orange christmas...
an elevation church experience!

that's a tidbit of our weekend gone by...
i'm sure yours was filled with lots
of goodness too!

happy monday!

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Anne Eurose Abris said...

Please start sharing your Vietnamese food recipes :). And good job on another run! Have a great week!

Alene said...

Love your Miscellany Monday pics. Glad I got to visit your bloggy world. Blessings. Joining in now.

KY said...

MMM PB and banana toast! Thanks for the breakfast inspiration!!

Have a great week!

Elisse said...

Nothing like peanut butter and banana slices! Comfort food!

Congrats on finish the Jingle Bell run!

carissa at lowercase letters said...

you're such a cute runner!

gorgeous church door, indeed.

ok, replace that peanut butter with nutella and girl are you in for a treat! not to say peanut butter isn't good... the nutella will just kick it up a notch! : )

i want your sunday dinner for my tuesday dinner.

Sandy a la Mode said...

peanut butter and banana on bread?! yes please!!