Saturday, September 3, 2011

i have decided...

on Sunday, August 7th, 2011
all three kids were baptized!

"The greatest opportunities come in unexpected times. "

One never knows when the Holy Spirit will move in one's heart. Tonight "I have decided: Spontaneous Baptisms" all three took a simple step of obedience and publicly made their profession of faith in Jesus through baptism. Been waiting and praying for a while for them to make the decision on their own and so happy that they have done so together, making it so much more special.
     below is a video of the baptism throughout the weekend.

and you can listen to the message here:



jozen said...

that's wonderful alely!!! blessings to you and your lovely family on this blessed day!

melody-mae said...

this is amazing! I love the tshirts. It reminds of the song, I have decided to follow turning back no turning back!!! congrats!!!!

Elisse said...

Praise God! To choose to follow Him only leads to the most amazing rewards! You must have been soooo proud!!