Thursday, May 26, 2011

embrace the camera...may 26th!

and this is why i embrace the camera every week.
not because i think i'm cute.
not because i think my kids are cute (even though they are).
but because we aren't always going to be around.
and it's important to document moments...memories...our life."
emily anderson

if you didn't already know...
my girls have the bieber fever!
here they are embracing the camera with their life size
cardboard cutout of j.b.!
and might i add they were both very dissappointed last sunday night...
whilst watching the billboard music awards 
jb got up, turned to his girlfriend selena gomez and gave her a kiss!
not only were these two quite unhappy about it
but for sure there were a gazillion more girls feeling the same pain : ).

oh, j.b. you're such the heartbreaker!



Sarah B. said...

Haha! That's too funny! I remember crushing on the boys from New Kids on the Block when I was about their age :)

Kel said...

hahaha! oh man, not sure I crushed on any boy bands myself, I was always into like indie rock and such. But I remember other girls in my class fawning over Backstreet boys and such

Jordan said...

hahaha this cracks me up!

stephanie said...

bahaha love it. beiber is pretty amazing. and yeah you girls have the best hair ever!

Gracie said...

Ohh! I completely understand how they feel. Having crushes on celebrities was a fun time when I was young :)

It's a great picture.