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an update from japan...

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this morning i received an an email from our very
close and dear friends who are
missionaries in japan that i wanted to share with all of you.

an update, some prayer requests and a few recommended sites
you can donate to.

read on friends...

Japan experienced a triple tragedy last week. A 9.0 earthquake, then a horrific tsunami, and now nuclear reactor meltdowns. Not to mention the ongoing aftershocks , the cold weather, power outages, the weakening dollar. 

The Tokyo Taylors are fine and we know you are praying for us. Tokyo was spared from much of the devastation but there is a new normal that is taking place. 

The Japanese are one of the most resistant people towards the gospel for Jesus Christ. Japan is one of the most difficult places to share the gospel. Pray that we will be able to respond to the needs most effectively, relevantly, and spiritually. Pray that out of this triple tragedy God will get all the glory and there will be a great spiritual harvest.

Yesterday was the 1 week anniversary of the earthquake. At 2:46pm, we all stopped and prayed at the CRASH command center. It was a powerful and emotional time. See photo below.

Ken is currently the field leader of JBF (Japan Baptist Fellowship). We have a total of 26 missionaries (15 children) from Canada, USA, Europe, and Philippines. All are well and accounted for. Pray specifically for the Flemings who live in an area where there is much devastation. Pray for each missionary and our response to our Japanese contacts and relationships who are surely in fear and searching for comfort. As field leader, pray that God will give Ken wisdom during this time.

Our WorldVenture Japan mission-owned building (where Ken's office is) is now the temporary  Command   Center  for CRASH. Located in the West side of  Tokyo , Ken has been busy in the leadership team. Bola has been assisting in feeding many volunteers. CRASH has been setup for such a time like this. A Christian response to specifically be involved in the relief, rebuilding, and restoration during disasters. Here is the latest news.

CRASH is partnering with Samaritan's Purse to distribute 90 tons of relief supplies in Sendai.

SP (Samaritan's Purse) is flying the plane (a 747) into Yokota AFB from where it (the stuff in the plane) will be airlifted to Sendai Airport on Sunday. They need as many trucks and volunteers as possible from the Christian community to transport that material to our bases and their warehouse as possible.  Anything left will have to be turned over to the civil defense. We need to get as many trucks as possible to Sendai by Sunday!  

Many gospel choirs were suspended due to the earthquake, tsunami, and power outages. The Japanese are now gripped by fear and despair. But we are slowly starting up again as we know that the songs they will learn and sing brings hope in Jesus Christ.  Pray that this will stir hearts to the Lord who has been patiently calling out to them for so many many years.  Pray for our choirs that the Truths that they have been singing through the years will be their personal comfort in these difficult times.

I know many of you are concerned about our safety. We want to assure you that our mission has an evacuation policy and contingency plan in place. And although the Fukushima nuclear power plant situation is still unstable, our assessment at this time is that all our missionary units are at a relatively safe distance from the reactor.

As our colleague (Kevin Laverman) wrote in his update
We wait anxiously for a resolution to the growing nuclear problem in Fukushima. As foreigners leave in droves from Japan, we wonder what God has for us here. Part of us says to evacuate or flee south, too. But our church and Japanese need the hope God brings now more than ever. We have no intention of being foolishly heroic. We are watching the situation carefully and putting together contingency plans. But we feel safe in His care, covered by His wings both night and day. And there's so much opportunity and work to be done now! 

We recommend the following for donations.

1. WorldVenture - Japan Earthquake - for WorldVenture Japan related churches. 

2. CRASH - for Christian based relief efforts to Japanese churches

3. Taylor Support (we do need to stay here!)
Go here for One-Time Gift  
Go here for Support Commitment

4. HGF (our primary ministry in reaching the Japanese with the gospel music)
Go here for Special ProjectsGo to Enter AMOUNT & SELECT specific SPECIAL PROJECT by scrolling down to:
JAPAN: Hallelujah Gospel Family

In His Hands,
Ken & Bola Taylor
Joining Hearts in Bringing Jesus to Japan
Evangelism, Equipping, Encouraging, Exploring Ministries

our dear friends...the tokyo taylors

let's continue to lift japan up in prayer.



gina luv said...

thanks so much for sharing this touching account of what is going on over there! :)gina

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i lived in okinawa, japan for almost 4 years - and yes, it is one of the hardest places to talk about Christ. the people are so kind yet are so closed to the gospel - so i really feel for the missionaries over. i pray that God will use this tragedy for good.

thanks for the update, friend!

Chrissy said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Tamara said...

i still can't believe the pictures i see...the emails i too have received. thank you for posting this.

GabbyRM said...

Great post!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thanks for sharing this. just said a prayer for them. praying the hope of Christ will shine brightly!

Lori said...

Thank you so much for this information! My mom was just asking yesterday if I knew any missionaries over in Japan. I said I didn't but now I will pass this information on.