Thursday, March 10, 2011

fam bam snippets...

miss bubbles (aka miss girly)
made the middle school soccer team and
these were shots from the first game...
and yes the girls won 4-0!
woot! woot!
as i mentioned in a previous post my girls are
crazy over justin bieber...
miss bling made this
i heart JB tshirt!
and she added a little bit of bling to it
by adding some bedazzle around the heart.
cute eh?
project uplift 2011
project uplift nominees show active involvement
in extracurricular activities and have demonstrated leadership.
and it's a special program that enables high-achieving rising seniors
{picture source via flickr}
to experience college life on the Carolina campus. Students spend two days
visiting classes, meeting with faculty and staff,
interacting with Carolina students, and participating in cultural and social activities.
my guy was nominated and chosen!

my macbook just died on me yesterday so i have to
go bring it in and get it checked at the apple store genius bar.
i see dollar signs...
our fam bam also joined the YMCA
and we've been hitting the gym pretty hard these days!
my personal goal is to lose the weight i put on during the winter...
down 4...3 more to go!


Small Burst said...

LOL. I was just at the Y this morning. Trying to lose extra poundage for the spring/summer season. Congrats on Miss Girly making the soccer team and for Your son's nomination and acceptance to the college program. That's so great. Oh, we can't forget Miss Bling. Looks like she gets her creativity from mom. Great job on that shirt!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this was so cute! you have a beautiful family :)

stephanie said...

love seeing your family! your daughter's shirt is great!!!

simplyvonne said...

hubby wants kaylee to join soccer too when she's older hehehe..your daughter is so cute! congrats to her for making it to the soccer team

yes my goal to be in shape by the summer and lose all my pregnant weight..we'll see :D

Faith Unraveled said...

Congrats on the win! Love your daughters shirt! Have a wonderful day!

ChantaleP said...

Congrats to your girl!! That is so impressive! She's as gorgeous as her Maman. And congrats to your dude!! Wow, kids are growing up so fast..

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower from Much Love, Illy.

Congrats on the win. - Giveaway Today :)

Suzanne said...

I'm saddened by your Macbook, my iPod is about to take a trip to Apple to get fixed too! It would keep stopping every 30 seconds! Was quite a pain when I was on the treadmill! :(

Gracie said...

You have such sporty kids and talented too :) I think you have a lovely family.

It's a shame about your Mac. Mine is getting slower but hopefully that's means nothing. x