Saturday, February 5, 2011

what you love to hate...

little mei-mei's doggie toys all over the house that i am constantly picking up and putting away! but we love her to pieces! isn't she a cutie patootie?

hoping you're all having a loveLee saturday!


Bec said...

At least doggy toys tend to be soft so if you step on them, there are no injuries...unlike legos. Cute puppy :)

gina luv said...

i adore your blog; it is divine and such a comfy place to come visit!!! I added you as a friend and am so excited that you found me. Your pup is too cute!
Also, I read a couple of your other posts and that blogger meet up looked like tons of fun!!!

shelley said...

what an adorable site! i love your pictures!!! thanks so much for stopping by i'm following you here now... will look for you on the tweetster too! look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos!
shelley :)