Tuesday, January 18, 2011

faith, hope, love...

a parent's worst nightmare...
missing:  Phylicia Barnes
from monroe, north carolina
she goes to the same school my kids go to and she's
been missing since December 28th and has yet to be found.
We are still hoping and praying that she'll come home.
Below is the link that,will bring you to 
America's Most Wanted Missing Children report to
give you the full story on Phylicia.
purple is phylicia's favorite color.
there are purple bows hung on every tree at school 
and every child was given a purple ribbon
to wear in honor of phylicia.

please help us find phylicia
by getting the word out...
someone out there has to know something.

we are keeping you in our prayers.
come home soon.


Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh that is so sad...I truly hope she will be found
Kisses, my dear

AW said...

A parent's worse nightmare. In light of the Carlina White's returning after 23-years, I hope Phylicia will be home sooner.