Thursday, December 30, 2010

looking for...

something to do...
so a trip to ikea it was!
coincidentally my girlfriend, her daughter and hubby
were walking towards ikea and not knowing it
i snapped my picture!
what's an ikea trip without eating in their cafeteria?
good food and cheap too!
and i will always heart the baby/kids showrooms!

oh, and i can't believe this is day 364 of my photo/blog project365!
one more day and i will be done!
day 365 flickr project365


Donna Harris said...

Don't stop on Day 365....start all over!

mZ E said...

you know I don't think we even have a IKEA store here! *smile* I am gonna try doing a 365 project ma self....I tried to last year but it didn't go so well. I am willing to try it again tho. I hope you & your lovely family have a Blessed & Safe Happy New Year!
Stay Blessed..

Small Burst said...

I'm a big fan of Ikea and love their meatballs! I can't believe your on day 364! I hope you'll continue with your blog or do another project 365. I'll miss you too much if you're not in blogland.

jozen said...

i heart ikea too!! nothing beats their meatballs!

j + m said...

I LOVE Ikea...I, too, am especially enamored with the kids displays - so cute!