Thursday, November 18, 2010

something new...

i've had my eye on this coffee machine since a friend of mine purchased one a while ago.  and since then another friend bought one because of the same mutual friend and a few more friends have mentioned that they had one and absolutely loved it.  so when the big sale at belk's department store happened to come along i had to buy one for myself.   the price was pure awesomeness and i used it for the first time tonight and can i say....loooooooovee it!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of things you love, I owned an iPod for 12 hours before I returned it unopened. *sigh*

Now that I'm an unemployed and blog-less, there's little $ for toys! :(

Hope you got my message from FB!

Miss you!

one sydney road said...

my friend has one of these and now of course i want one!! it's so fun and easy - we were just making coffee at her house because it was fun :)