Wednesday, October 27, 2010

many roads and a guest...

a few of the many roads traveled today taken with my phone camera.  this is how its going to be the next few months with basketball season (practices and games) and cheer practices for an upcoming competition in december.  i will definitely be living in the car as i shuttle the girls to and fro.  
also, we had the pleasure of having a lovelee visitor from our hometown in california.  the young man in middle who use to be a little boy is now all grown up!    i'm glad my sis and her hubby and myself as well as mr. L had some time to spend with him.  

day 300 flickr project365


Sandy a la Mode said...

those tall trees in the falltime are soo soo beautiful!!

Small Burst said...

hey there. the trees are starting to turn here too and I love the crimson colored trees. you are going to be one busy mama!