Monday, August 23, 2010

oh, sweetLee roll...

our secret easy, peasy, when-we're-craving-sushi but can't afford to spend $100.00 for a party of five.  this satisfies the craving.

1st:  you'll need cooked rice sprinkled with some roasted sesame seeds (optional)
of which i don't have a picture of.

2nd: you'll need some single serve packs of nori.
(found in asian stores near you)
3rd: gold coast blue crab spread or lobster spread
 you can purchase at your local costco.
4th: some soy sauce and sriracha sauce
(found in asian stores or the asian aisles in most grocery stores)
start off with the nori, spread the lobster or crab spread, rice, then add some sriracha sauce and soy sauce.  however, if you prefer to dip in soy sauce you can do that too!  no rolling required.  just pick it up with chopsticks or your fingers! 

oh, and if you wanted to get fancy you could also put some cut/sliced shrimp tempura found at your local trader joe's and costco.  we didn't have shrimp tempura on hand for tonight's rolls, hence the reason why you don't see it in the picture.  
bon appetit!


Sandy a la Mode said...

i would totally order the sweetlee roll in a restaurant! :) one thing i LOVE to add to my sushi is avocados, YUM!!

nell said...

makes me crave for phoenix roll (unagi-eel, tempura prawn, avocado, egg).. yummilicious..
have a nice day ^*^

kBr said...

that would totally help my craving for sushi!!! avocado and cream cheese might make me fall head over heels for it!

Melissa Blake said...

Oh, you won me over with shrimp!

Diana Mieczan said...

Totally making it tomorrow:) I love sushi and this looks great! Thanks,darling

Small Burst said...

this looks really good and love that it's "easy-peasy" and cheap!!

jozen said...

yum! perfect for tonight's dinner!!!

love this :)

you are full of great ideas friend!

i-zilla said...

this looks amazing and so eazy! i would have never thought to do this at home. so trying this soon!