Monday, August 30, 2010

in my home...

happy monday friends!
thank you for all of your comments.
i apologize for my lack of visiting yours but now that
i'm back at work i've been finding it hard to find time
to visit and comment.  i do hope to catch up soon.
we had a great 1st day of school at work today.
and boy was i tired from the busyness and it will probably 
be like this for the week.
in fact, i was so tired i almost forgot to take a picture today
and lacked creativity in being creative 
(humm...did that last phrase make sense?) 
anyhoo, when that happens i tend to take random pictures of things in my home.
you see that pottery barn phone at the end?
it's one of my all -time favorites!
funny thing is...
we don't have a landline!
it's just a decor piece that i just love.
day 242 flickr project365


Fallon said...

Nice pieces =) I too have a cute phone out for decoration. I'm not sure of anyone except my grandparents that still have a landline!

Small Burst said...

No worries about the comments. I completely understand. School hasn't started yet for us. One more week of vacation to go. Cute phone! Cute house. I'm telling you, you have to take photos of your cute house with one of those wide angle lenses so we can all see everything. Looks sooo cute!

Sandy a la Mode said...

you have a beautiful home! and i agree with small burst, you need a wide angle so we can see more of your home! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the collage of photos! Is that one of those Pottery Barn phones that's supposed to look old, but is really push button??

alicia said...

You have a beautiful home. And I understand how hard it is to keep caught up. Don't know how full time working mamas do it.

kBr said...

these are really cute house items!! what do you do at the school?:) I work at an elementary school too and we started a week ago! crazy how the summer went so fast...

Wild and Precious said...

i love old phones!