Saturday, July 31, 2010

bits and pieces of saturday...

had a full day saturday here.

i did my most least favorite chore: grocery shopping...super walmart, costco and a new asian grocery store.  that's where i saw the pocky chocolate crush.  almond and chocolate cookie crunch. yum!

went shopping at the mall with the whole family.

and lastly, i had miss bling cut my hair.  she gave me side swept bangs.  they make me look younger than i already look.  but i guess that's a good thing.

pardon the poor quality pictures.  they were taken by my phone camera.

we had a good saturday.  i hope you did too.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sounds like a lovely saturday - productive yet you were pampered with a haircut. :)
enjoy your weekend, friend!

Marie said...

I love Pocky too, can be addicting!:D

Happy Sunday!:D
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Ruth said...

sounds like you had quite a lovely day!! Happy Sunday and have a great week ahead..:)

aizkim said...

My son's crazy about these chocolate sticks yummies. We buy a different brand though (it's called Peppero Sticks). Cant wait to see your new do. I hope you'd post a pic. Have a great day!

Becky said...

jealous you have an asian store -- would love to have one in my town, or even in a town near me. Love those Pocky sticks and all the other good asian candies.

Small Burst said...

How come I've never seen these pocky flavors before? I'm still trying to find the greet tea one Sandy says exist.