Saturday, August 7, 2010

the august break day #1...

thank you pugly pixel for sharing the august break on your blog!  i am also going to join susannah's august break belatedly myself.  here's the scoop...i will be posting my daily flickr project365 picture/s of the day and let the pictures do the talking because as they say "pictures are worth a thousand words"...  this comes at a perfect time for me because it's going to be really busy at work this month and it will be a nice break from the pressures and expectations of regular blogging.  

day #1...
oh, on a side note...the picture above was taken via retro camera application on my new droid incredible!
isn't it cool?  my obsession and wait for the i phone to come to verizon is now over and has been replaced...i heart my droid!  it's just simply oh-mazing!

also i will be getting nikky (nikon d3000) back on tuesday! the original post about nikky is here.

ok, enough of my babbling...if you would like more information about "the august break" click here.  maybe you'll need to take a break too, so come and join us!  
day 219 flickr project365


aizkim said...

am glad you joined the august break too. Now i cant wait to see more of your shots. Am sure it's all gonna be as lovely!

katrina said...

these new generation of phones are so amazing, aren't they? i'm pretty addicted to my phone and so happy to know that the droid is living up to its reputation.

i'm enjoying the august break -- can't wait to see your next pic. :)

jozen said...

i need a break! and i just had one! LOL