Wednesday, July 14, 2010

it was a bit warm...

i noticed mid morning that it was a little warm. 
warmer than usual. 
first thought: i hope the air conditioner isn't broken, i'm feeling a repair bill coming.  not good. 
i proceeded to call mr. L
and he instructed me to call an air conditioning service. 
mr. AC man came about 7 p.m.
per my request because i wanted Mr L to be around
when it comes to stuff that has to do
with home maintanence i am clueless.
now ask me about home interior and where to put a piece of furniture
that would be all me.
anyhoo, back to story he asked if air was blowing out of the vents and i said "no". 
 he said "humm, might be something minor as the power tripping". 
i thought: wow, that would be nice. 
so he checked everything and sure enough the problem was
that the GFI receptacle needed to be reset. 
what's a GFI receptacle you ask? 
i didn't know either...
so you'll have to ask someone who does
and in my case it was the hubby.
mr. AC man says it happens all the time. 
glad to know. 
$69.00 later...
and not hundreds of dollars later... 
we have peace of mind knowing that our ac unit is still going strong
and that next time there isn't any air blowing out of the vents we'll know why.

note to self:  check the GFI receptacle first, next time it starts to get warm in the house.
got it!
and i even know where it is : ).
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Debbie's L'Bri said...

Same happened here.. We had to replace the thermostat. We finally did this tonight. The one tells you what the humidity is in the house. It was up to 77%. Now it is down to 54% humidity and the temp is at a reasonable level. Everyone is sleeping good tonight

Hope you are too.

Small Burst said...

LOL. we have the same thermostat and I can't figure it out. I only know when to turn it off and on. I tried to sit there to read the manual but I just wasn't feeling it. My hubby has to take care of all these types details too. I'm sure i can learn about this stuff but I just don't want to. That's his department.

Diana Mieczan said...

Im glad its working ...Ufff I dont know what I would do without it in this heat!!! Its like the best thing ever right now:)

Suzanne said...

Hey we have the same thermostat too! Like Small Burst also, small world!

If your air ever keeps running and never stops, it could be that you need to change the filter, learned this form a HVAC guy friend, duh. Yeah, it was that easy.

Courtney said...

Ours is not able to keep up with extreme temps this summer. I think we're due a service call. Glad it was minor. Stay cool!

Emily said...

Oh man I can totally relate to this. We had the AC guy out TWICE in the last 2 months to fix our AC thank god for home warranties or it would have cost a bundle. The reality is that the AC is older than dirt and just about at the end of its life. Crossing my fingers it lasts another year. Glad your problem was an easy fix.

Sandy a la Mode said...

when i was at my parents in law house over memorial weekend they kept saying their A/C wasn't working but it would blow some air, weird. they called their friend (an A/C guy) and ended up realizing that someone had just turned off the power and it just needed to be turned on. they looked inside the A/C to just check it out and found tons of rat droppings too, ewwww, they changed out a few parts and the friend actually just charged them gas money for his upcoming road trip. glad yours is working again!!!

Kristina Churchill said...

That just happened to us a couple months ago. The a/c guy said nothing wrong with the air conditioner, except your GFI blew. $120.00 later, but nice cool air!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Xmas Dolly said...

Well knock on wood, ours is still hanging in there! Fortunately, we have a AC guy who lives right next door! ~hehe~ Thanks for stopping by & I'm glad your prob was little & so was your bill. Have a good one!