Thursday, June 10, 2010

see you later...

day 161 flickr project365
they have been here a whole week and today it was time to pack up and go back home to california. sniff. sniff.
i'm gonna miss these two little cutie patooties!
their laughter, ramblings, and yes even their cries and whines.
they are my goddaughters
and to them i am "mommy lolly"
 they are as much my own little girls...
as they are hers. i'm gonna miss her too!  that's my cousin g.
i already have one loveLee sister
but she's more like a sister to me too and one of my besties
and when we get together whether it's here or california
there's certain things we must do:
eat, eat and eat some more
hit the local targets
go peruse a local mall or two
and buy something matchy-matchy
(one of us will see and like something and the other one ends up liking it 
and buys the same thing.  this time around we bought the same sandals at target
 but decided that we are both going to return it.)
all photos source: we heart it
i like to say
 "love you and i'll see you later!"
now it's time to get ready for the next round of family coming next wednesday...
my mom, dad and auntie!


cheri said...

wow, you're photo's are amazing. i'll link up to your flickr account so i can give where credit is due. i feel inspiration creeping up, just be looking at your photos...

found you on the trendy treehouse :)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Have a safe trip darling xoxo

Erin Wallace said...

Following you from FF. Please visit me when you have the chance and follow!

xo Erin

Ruth said...

love your blog! following you from FF... hope yo'd come by my blog too and follow along...!!


Johnnie said...

I am following your blog now. Found you on FF. Amazing pics. Have a great weekend!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh those are such a cuties....I adore your photos and I wish you a beautiful and fun weekend my darling:)

cheri said...

i knew it! i suppose you dont speak Filipino anymore? buti na lang i found you on the treehouse.

thanks for the follow. following you back :)

miss♥hillary said...

Hi! Your blog is lovely, and so is your family! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog although it's not as charming as yours! I just followed your blog! Aloha!

Christina said...

Hi...cute blog. Following from FF.

Do follow back @

Small Burst said...

awww. it's always sad when family leaves after a long visit. The house feels so empty and quiet. How exciting to have your parents and auntie over. We just had friends leave too and more to come in a couple of weeks then family for the first two weeks in july.